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Embarking on a renovation can be daunting.  So many things to work out, so many decisions to make. Renovating a new kitchen is something most people do only a few times in their lifetime. It's such an exciting time, starting from fresh.  In order to make it an enjoyable experience, here are some things that need to be considered early on.
Consulting with a professional early on gives you a clear advantage. So many times have I seen clients come in at the tail end of the process, the point of no return; Their decisions have been made, their layout is determined with rough-ins for plumbing and appliance electrical positions already done, their appliances purchased, all of which gives little option to correct challenges that reveal themselves when the actual design is drawn up (and the benefit of having a kitchen design professional is too late).  Give yourself the time deserved to consider the world of options available to you, in terms of finishes or layout adjustments, in order to produce the very best possible outcome.


The world of appliances changes every year.  New models are designed annually and technologies are advancing at a steady pace. Appliances are no longer standard and the designer needs to be consulted before making any final decisions because the specifications of the appliances can limit your kitchen design options. For example, the refrigerator may not fit into your desired layout due to its depth. Do shop around for appliances.  Find one or two that suit you best and narrow down model numbers.  It is ideal, however, to wait to purchase appliances until the design is done, to ensure it is feasible in the desired layout.


Sometimes a kitchen is the jumping off point for an expansive renovation throughout the main floor.  Flooring choices are key to a successful open concept plan, and can become a real stumbling block to moving forward.  Often, the challenge is facing whether or not to continue wood flooring from the living or great room and dining areas into the kitchen.  Your designer will help you achieve the best flooring transitions between your kitchen and the adjacent space.  If a wood floor is decided upon, the tone and type of wood floor will influence your decision for cabinetry colours in the kitchen and this needs to be decided upon early in the process.  Having this information going into the planning stages for the kitchen is key to making confident choices in colour and, for example, deciding upon painted or stained wood cabinets.


Remember, time is your friend.  Make your wish list and start investigating your options early. Your designer has experience in this process.  They will give you insight into making thoughtful, time-saving, and well informed decisions. This will eliminate potential frustration, and make your renovation experience much more enjoyable. Start early and you will end up with a new space that is thoughtfully planned and suits your needs/lifestyle well, giving you the dream kitchen you have always wanted.



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Adrian Betker
February 28, 2019
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